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UK Pension Transfers for Those Aged 55 and Over

Currently Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in the UK have terminated pension transfers to Australian Superannuation Funds, other than where all members of the fund are aged 55 or over.

For those who have reached 55 an Australian Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

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Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Transfer Values

Savers in the UK with final salary pensions – where employers guarantee a retirement income – are widely envied by people with less generous arrangements.

A number of these savers could be about to become the source of new – found

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Changes to UK pension rules 2015

Currently anyone who inherits a pension fund which is already being used to provide an income, has to pay 55% in tax. The only exceptions are spouses and children under 23. Instead, they are required to pay income tax on

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