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UK Pensions Melbourne has been established to provide help and knowledge to people who have left the UK on a permanent basis and are considering transferring their UK pension benefits to an Australian superannuation fund.

In 2006 the UK made many changes to pension legislation. One of the changes was the confirmation that UK pensions could be transferred abroad provided that the individual had left the UK on a permanent basis and the receiving pension scheme had been registered in the UK as a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS).

In 2015 the UK Government suspended all pension transfers to Australia, with the exception of pensions relating to those who are aged 55 and over.

Advice on an alternative is available for those clients aged under 55 who desire increased control of the investments within their pension and require the protection of high transfer values together with the preparation for a future transfer to Australia.

Expert Advice

UK Pensions Melbourne provides expert advice for your current and future retirement plan.

Qualified Financial Expertise

Fully qualified and registered financial advice and expertise concerning your pension in both Australia and the UK.

Your Future Plans

Our advice will highlight the benefits of transferring your UK pension with your future plans in mind.

Why should I transfer my UK pension?

In most cases, the benefits of transferring your UK pension are very attractive. To make an assessment on whether a transfer is advisable, based on your current situation and your future plans, it is essential that you obtain professional advice.
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Full tax free access to your pension from age 60
control of the fund and how it is invested
increased death benefits
currency control
all retirement savings are in Australia

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Peter Almond efficiently and carefully guided myself and my wife through the processes for transferring a UK pension into an Australian superfund, taking care of all the bureaucracy. This was unknown territory for us, but it has proved to have been a really worthwhile exercise, and, thanks to Peter, a painless one.
Malcolm White, Melbourne Vic

Great! What are the benefits and how do I get started with transferring my UK pension to Australia?

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